Lake Ontario Fishing Charters

Mid-July through August

The Erie Drifter Sportfishing Team moves to Point Breeze, New York every summer during Mid July, August to switch gears a little bit and go for some absolutely huge King Salmon and Jumping Steelhead Trout! Lake Ontario Salmon and Trout fishing is spectacular. We catch 30 lb. King Salmon almost daily as there are so many salmon raised in pens in the harbor of Point Breeze New York every year.

Lake Ontario Charter Fishing in Point Breeze, NY is the best Great Lakes Salmon Fishing in the country. As your captain, I have traveled to every Great Lake and have fished many bodies of water, but when I came to Point Breeze, NY and Salmon fished for the first time I knew I found a special place. I have never seen an area produce so many quality fish.

Fishing Lake Ontario is a lot of fun as we troll for Salmon, turn on the XM radio, and catch some absolutely huge fish. For a great change of pace during the month of August every year come check out the Salmon Fishing out of Point Breeze, NY.

Lake Ontario is the most prolific Great Lakes trophy trout and salmon producer. Together with the Oak Orchard River, they form an unequaled year round trout and salmon sport fishery famous for its world class fishing.. Trolling our waters is both relaxing and instantly exhilarating when fighting a 12 pound Brown Trout or 30 pound Chinook Salmon.

The diversity and productivity of the Orleans County fishery is unequaled among Great Lakes Trout and Salmon angling destinations. Off our shores on Lake Ontario during the spring and summer months, our charter fleet can help you find and catch a staggering array of trophy Chinook, Steelhead, Coho and Atlantic Salmon. The Lake Trout and Brown Trout also make the deep cool waters of western Lake Ontario their home. They roam the cool, deep waters, gorging themselves on bait fish, growing large and strong as they await your offering of a spoon, lure or fly.

I am sure you will not be disappointed!

The Erie Drifter Sportfishing Team is docked at Orleans County Marina and fishes the world-class waters off Oak Orchard Creek in beautiful Lake Ontario.  The Great Lakes record Chinook (King Salmon) at 47 lbs. and the New York state record Steelhead at 27 lbs. were both caught near this port